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coghlan39s bota
You don't have to run with the bulls to own this traditional Spanish wine skin. Coghlan's Bota Bag holds up to 1iter of your favorite beverage and features a ruggedeather exterior, a heavy polyining and a braided shoulder strap. details
coghlan39s travelers mosquito
Mosquito Nets from Coghlan's are for use just about anywhere you need escape from mosquitoes or other pesky bugs. Nets are knitted polyester and feature single-point suspension with carry bag. details
coghlan39s backwoods mosquito
Coghlan's Backwoods Mosquito Net fits over a single cot or bag and suspends with poles or ropes (not included). Made from an ultrafine 240 polyester mesh, the net is constructed in a rectangular shape and features six reinforced tie tabs. details
coghlan39s camp
Coghlan's Camp Axe features a forged steel axe head that is great for splitting smallerogs into firewood when camping. It's supported by a tough steel shaft and a non-slip grip handle.ength: 13 . Weight: 1.6bs. details
coghlan39s sierra
The Sierra Saw from Coghlan's features a tempered flexible steel blade and cuts smooth and clean. Other features include aocking blade and unbreakable handle. Dimensions: 12.99 x 5.25 x 1.2 . Made in USA. Manufacturer model #: 8400. details
coghlan39s emergency thermal
Coghlan's Emergency Thermal Blanket is both windproof and waterproof. Its reinforcedayered construction of aluminized polyethylene allows the blanket to stay flexible in freezing temperatures as well as reflect heat back to the body. details
coghlan39s hiker39s mosquito
A compact net designed for the individual camper with 4 corner rings and a 6 sheeting border to tuck under camp mat. Height: 6 6.ength: 6 11. Width: 4 9 in front and 3 3 in back. Imported. details
coghlan39s sleeping bag
Coghlan's Sleeping Bag Straps are made of polypropylene and feature a quick tab release buckle. Coghlan's Sleeping Bag Straps are easy to cut and seal to desiredength. Dimensions: 3/4 x 48 . Manufacturer model #: 7890. details
coghlan39s mosquito head
The Coghlan's Mosquito Head Net helps you ensure mosquitoes and other flying insects don't ruin your camping or fishing trip. Made of tightly woven mesh, Coghlan's mosquito head net is designed to keep out the smallest insects. details
coghlan39s tarp
Coghlan's Tarp Clips are the best tarp clip made
- hands down. Constructed from a rugged nylon resin, Coghlan's Tarp Clips grip harder as more weight is exerted on the jaws of the clip. These Tarp Clips are ideal for securing tarps and tents. details
coghlan39s hikercamper egg
Tired of waking up to cook a campfire breakfast only to find your eggs scattered throughout your cooler and pieces of disintegrated egg carton floating on top of the water? With Coghlan's egg holders, you will never have these problems again. details
coghlan39s 5 in 1 survival
A great example of aittle thing meaning aot when it matters, the Coghlan's 5 in 1 Survival Aid is a compact kit packed with tools to help when plans go awry and small enough to carry in a pocket. details
coghlan39s 4-in-1
A magnifier, compass, and 2-scale thermometer are all part of this unique Coghlan's 4-in-1 Whistle. Spring-loaded metal clip attaches easily to belt oranyard. details
coghlan39s lensatic
Get your bearings wherever you find yourself with Coghlan sensatic Compass. details
coghlan39s waterproof fire
Coghlan's fire sticksight effortlessly
- even after being submerged in water, making them ideal for backpackers, hunters, and campers. They are non-toxic andeave no odor, which makes them excellent for campfire cooking. Made in USA. details
coghlan39s camp
Stand it on a rock, clamp it to a tree, or hang it from a branch; Coghlan's camp mirror has the versatility to handle all your outdoor situations. details
coghlan39s backpacker
Extremelyightweight and compact, Coghlan's backpacker trowel is a convenient sized entrenching tool made of high impact styrene. It weighs merely 2 oz. details
coghlan39s tissue on the
Coghlan's Tissue on the Go features a pull-out dispenser that keeps the soft, 2-ply tissue neat, clean, and dry. Tissue on the Go fits easily into your pocket or pack. Comes with 2 rolls. Manufacturer model#: 0621. details
coghlan39s can
Coghlan's can opener is compact,ightweight and easy to use. Simply pierce the top of the can, and rock the opener back and forth. Made from hardened carbon steel and nickel plated, this opener will stay sharp for years without sharpening. details
coghlan39s stretch
No matter where you go for your outdoor activities, Coghlan's Stretch Cords will make sure you get there with all your gear intact. details
coghlan39s nylon dunk
Coghlan's Nylon Dunk Bag is made of nylon mesh that will not mildew, rot or retain odors. Other features include a sewn-in drawstring. Dimensions: 19 x23 . Manufacturer model #: 8319. details
coghlan39s camo
Coghlan's Camo Cord is constructed of 100% polypropylene which makes it both mildew and rot resistant. Withiterally hundreds of uses, it's hard to imagine a camping or backpacking trip without a goodength of cord. details
coghlan39s pocket
Coghlan's pocket saw isiterally small enough to fit in your pocket. Yet it's strong enough to cut through small to medium sizeimbs as well as other types of material. This is also an excellent tool to keep in your tackle box or backpack. details
coghlan39s organizer
Coghlan's Organizer Bags feature a nylon back with a mesh front for ventilation and easyocation. Each Organizer Bag includes a hangeroop and zipper closure. Set contains one: 12 x 10 , 10 x 8 , and 7.5 x 3.5 .Manufacturer model #: 0118. details
coghlan39s watertight match
Thanks to its hi-vis orange color, it's notikely you llose or misplace Coghlan's Watertight Match Box. The box holds enough matches for a weekend camping trip, and features a rubber O-ring for a watertight seal. details
coghlan39s waterproof
Keep fire starting ability with you wherever you are with Coghlan's Waterproof Matches. Each compact box contains approximately 45 wooden matches and fits easily into a pocket. details
coghlan39s waterproof
Protect your cell phone, wallet, GPS unit, and other non-waterproof valuables in the great outdoors with Coghlan's Waterproof Pouch. details
coghlan39s tablecloth
Coghlan's Tablecloth Clamps are great for camping, picnicking at the park or just having a meal on your back porch. Rust resistant and constructed of spring steel, these clampsay flat on the table surface while holding your tablecloth in place. details
coghlan39s zipper pull
This Zipper Pull Thermometer from Coghlan's is always at your fingertips. It features a Fahrenheit and Celsius scale plus a windchill chart on the back for reference. Dimensions: 2 x 1.5 .Manufacturer model#: 9712. details
coghlan39s tent whisk and dust
Coghlan's tent whisk is great for cleaning out the inside of your tent, especially on those extended camping trips. details